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Homemade Mayonnaise // Never Tasted so Good

Mayonnaise. A classic. Always on the grocery store shelves and always in the fridge at home. Used to make anything from chicken salad to a Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake handed down to us from generations past. Mayonnaise. Creamy, white, and delectable... how can something taste so good with so few ingredients?

I was watching the movie Julie and Julia one evening and in the movie Julia Child (played by Meryl Streep) was discussing with her friends how to make full-proof mayonnaise and I was intrigued. I know what you're thinking... intrigued about mayonnaise? I love learning about food, especially food items that were made before the electric age. I'm always curious as to how they did it and as I was sitting there on my cozy couch watching Julia Child explain full-proof mayonnaise, I was hooked. 

When I began investigating mayonnaise recipes and trying them out I realized that there are far less ingredients in homemade mayonnaise than store bought. I decided to take a look at the …

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